About Us

After a life time of service to Vintage VW's Finally in August of 2009 Bobby Alexander, (aka Dr. VW) Started his dream.  After a scary encounter with the city for working out of his Garage, Dr. VW sought the help of his Family to open this dream at 7180 N. Washington St. in Denver.  Sometime, shortly after opening, his step father was Terminated from the Rocky Mountain Bottling company, for stealing equipment and overtime from the company, at that time Doc's family decided that they needed to supplement their income using funds from Dr. VW.  Which eventually brought the place to it's knees, Customers, Employees, and Doc alike were ripped off for over 80,000 dollars in equipment, man hours, Parts, incomplete work  and so on, with absolutely no recourse.  Because of a pending divorce proceeding, in order not to lose it to the divorce, Doc allowed this family member to completely control Dr. VW as the owner!   so when they had completely drained the funds from the bank they then decided to empty the shop, take it all and run.  After taking a couple years to calm down from the mess, Doc decided that the only one who could let them take Dr. VW is him, for he is Dr. VW.    And so now he has devoted all of his resources, time, and energy to Rebuilding his Reputation,  and re-living his Dream, this time with his own name on the title, Bobby V-Dubs.  Remember it, and  give Doc a call 760-315-3233 and welcome him back.

At Bobby V-Dubs you'll receive the best care for your precious Vintage V-Dub

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